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Windows 10 S release date, news and features


Microsoft unveiled the long-rumored Windows 10 S about a year ago, back in May 2017. Ever since then, the thin client version of the super-successful Windows 10 home computing operating system has been met with mixed reviews as a result of the limitations it imposes on those seeking to use traditional legacy programs not attainable through the Windows Store.Instead of allowing you to download and install whatever you want, as the traditional Microsoft Windows ecosystem allows, Windows 10 S instead restricts users to apps from the Windows 10 Store. And, while there are obvious security benefits to this approach, traditional PC users aren’t big fans of the idea.That’s why Microsoft is going to soon allow users to switch in and out of Windows 10 S Mode in a future build of Windows 10. This is going to be great news for anyone who no longer wants to be limited in what they can …
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