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What it’s like to watch A Quiet Place in one of the world’s quietest places


Stop, just for a second, and listen. What can you hear? Music from your headphones… the vehicle you are in… the tap of your colleague’s keyboard… your own breathing. Nowhere is ever truly silent. Even when you think you are in the quietest room in your house, there will be something around that your ears will pick up. But there is one place that’s ‘quieter’ than anywhere else, that place is an anechoic chamber. A box within a box, it’s a room that absorbs sound. Instead of bouncing a sound back to your ear, imposing glass fibre wedges take it away, until the sound in the room is below the threshold of human hearing. 

It’s the perfect place, then, to watch A Quiet Place. Those who watched the movie on the big screen will attest to this. The survival thriller-cum-horror movie is a superb study in tension …

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