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The best free anti-ransomware software 2018


Ransomware attacks are particularly nasty things that hold your data hostage and demand money – but before you reach for your wallet to save your files you should make sure you check out this list of the best free anti-ransomware software.Many of the big names in PC security provides tools that will release your PC from ransomware and don’t charge for the privilege, and in this guide we show you the best anti-ransomware software that can be had for free. There are also dedicated tools to prevent programs that behaves like known ransomware from running on your PC at all.Before you get started, it’s useful to recognize that there are two main types of ransomware: the kind that encrypts your files and threatens to delete them unless you pay a fee (like WannaCry), and the kind that locks you out completely by preventing you reaching your desktop. …
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