The best cheap projector deals and sales for July 2018


It’s not hard to find great projector deals in 2017 … if you know where to look.Admittedly, some of us have a strange fear of projectors. That they’re some unknowable quantity that only AV students and master electricians can understand. But trust us, they’re not. Projectors are just as easy to set up as a new flatscreen and, guess what, they usually have a larger max screen size, too. Why go for a projector instead of a big screen? Well, the benefits of a projector include a more cinematic experience in your home with a massive image, great resolution and cost, often they’re less than the 65 or 75-inch screen you had in mind. There are some downsides here, too, including caring for a lamp and some input delay in some cases, but the pros far outweigh the cons. But you knew all that already, right? That’s why you’ …
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