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Skype’s new read receipts let you know that your message was received


It looks like a major change is coming to the Skype app, with Microsoft introducing read receipts to the preview version of the software.You’ll likely be familiar with read receipts from using other messaging platforms. Essentially, what happens is that the sender will be notified when the person who receives their message has read it. So, even if there’s no response (at least initially), you know that the message has got through.This is something of a double-edged sword, because when you read a message, you’re aware that the sender knows this, and so you may then feel some pressure to reply in perhaps a swifter manner than you might otherwise have done.

Hiding away
With that in mind, Microsoft has also made it possible to disable this feature under settings, and it will also be disabled if you’re in Invisible mode. However, if the …
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