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Pop OS 18.04 bursts onto the Linux scene


System76 is one of the few retailers to sell computers with 100 per cent Linux compatible hardware pre-loaded with Ubuntu. The Ubuntu desktop may not be Canonical’s core business anymore, but it is at System76 – the announcement, in April 2017, that Ubuntu’s Unity desktop project was to end affected 91 per cent of its business. In response, System76 quickly put out a Pop!_OS theme for Ubuntu and soon after decided to make Pop!_OS into a full-blown Linux distribution.We asked Carl Richell, the CEO of System76 to discuss Pop!_OS’ first major release:Before Pop!_OS all of our attention was focused on ensuring the computer hardware ran flawlessly with [Ubuntu] Linux. And when Unity [Ubuntu’s desktop environment project] announced its end last year, it created a lot of unknowns amongst the team. But what started as an unknown quickly became an opportunity. For 11 years, we were outsourcing one …
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