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Palm’s first phone in years has leaked and it’s tiny


The Palm brand name hasn’t been attached to a smartphone in almost a decade, but it looks like it’s going to make a comeback, as a new Palm-branded phone has leaked. But this is no iPhone X competitor, or really a rival to any major phone, as it’s absolutely tiny, and would be coming from TCL, the maker of the rebooted BlackBerry phones.According to a source speaking to Android Police, the phone – which is apparently codenamed ‘Pepito’ – has just a 3.3-inch LCD screen, potentially making it a godsend for anyone who hates the trend of ever larger phone screens.It apparently has a 720p resolution, which at that size could actually be pretty sharp, and it also supposedly has an appropriately-tiny 800mAh battery.The rest of the specs aren’t quite so small, as the Palm Pepito is said to have 3GB of RAM, 32GB of …

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