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NHS switches to Windows 10 to beat the next WannaCry-style cyber-attack


The government has announced that the NHS will be upgrading its PCs to Windows 10, and that £150 million will be spent in the next three years to beef up NHS cybersecurity in general.In a press statement, the Department of Health and Social Care stressed that all health and care organisations will be using Windows 10 with ‘up-to-date security settings’ to better defend against major cyber-attacks like WannaCry, which hit the NHS hard a year ago.
Check out our roundup of the best internet security suitesAs well as the change in operating system, the plan is to set up a new digital security operations centre to respond to security incidents more swiftly, and allow threats to be detected and isolated before they spread.
Trusty toolkit
Other measures include a data security toolkit requiring health and care organisations to meet 10 security standards, plus £21 million spent on upgrading firewalls and network infrastructure at major …
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