macOS 10.14: what we want to see


WWDC 2018 is just 6 weeks away at this point and, like clockwork the Apple rumor mill is in full swing. However, we haven’t heard much about macOS 10.14, which we assume will be the next version of Apple’s Mac operating system. Besides the rumor that macOS will somehow incorporate iOS apps, there isn’t much solid information to go off of. Still, this isn’t surprising, as Apple rumors tend to revolve around hardware, rather than software.So, we’re left with some room to speculate about what macOS 10.14 might look like, when it’ll be announced, but most importantly – what we want to see. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the deep dive you’ll find in this article. And, make sure you keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll keep it updated with every piece of macOS info that comes our way.
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