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macOS 10.13 High Sierra release date, news and features


It may seem like WWDC 2017 just ended, but WWDC 2018 is just six weeks away. So, that makes today the best time to dive into all the things macOS High Sierra has to offer, especially with rumors about macOS 10.14 floating around.Sure, macOS has seen its fair share of issues, like password vulnerabilities and other security problems, but those have mostly been fixed by Apple, and your time with High Sierra has been mostly positive. Even the few problems that gave us pause with macOS High Sierra have been fixed by Apple as of this writing. And, with the new file system and built-in photo-editing tools, Apple has more than made up for any issues.However, macOS High Sierra is also victim to the same issue that plagued OS X Mountain Lion as it followed Lion: it introduces a bunch of new features, but fails to innovate in a tangible way. …
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