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iPhone XI release date, price, news and leaks


Update: The latest rumor from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests the iPhone XI will come in black and white like the iPhone X as well as a brand new gold shade too. Plus a benchmark has provided more evidence that an iPhone with 4GB of RAM is in the works.Apple’s iPhone 11 – whether it’s called the iPhone XI or iPhone X2 – could launch as soon as September, meaning we may already be close to the official release date.The timing for the new iPhone 2018 shouldn’t surprise anyone. Apple’s smartphone-focused keynotes routinely take place in early September. That’s news for no one.Two more telltale signs that we’re reaching an iPhone X sequel: the Product Red iPhone 8 and iOS 11.4 have been out for a while, signaling that we’re beyond the mid-lifecycle for both Apple’s phone hardware and software.When will the iPhone X2 launch? What new features will it have? And will …
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