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Google Fuchsia release date, news and rumors


We were expecting to see Google announce Google Fuchsia, or Google Andromeda – a fusion of its Chrome and Android operating systems – back in October 2017.Obviously no such announcement happened. Sure, there are Chromebooks like the Pixelbook that can run Android apps through the Google Play store, but Andromeda, referred to internally as Fuchsia at Google, goes deeper than that.We’re expecting Google Fuchsia to take over as Google’s singular, united OS for phones, tablets and laptops.Whether supporting the full-fat version of Google Docs, fully utilizing Google Drive or finding your favorite app on the Google Play Store, you’ll be able to do whatever you want from whichever Google Fuchsia-powered device you’d like. Even better, you’ll be able to pick up wherever you left off on any app from any other Fuchsia device.And, even as a Reddit commenter has uncovered evidence that Google is …
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