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Google Chrome gets a Material Design refresh


Google has been steadily redesigning its apps – such as Gmail to Google Calendar – with Material Design in mind, and now it seems Chrome is finally getting an overhaul.The search company has rolled out an update to Chrome Canary, aka the developer version of Chrome, that enables a new Material Design UI by default on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Enabling Material Design on macOS is a little more involved, but users merely need to set experimental flags “chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md” to “Refresh” and enable “chrome://flags/#views-browser-windows,” according to Chromium evangelist François Beaufort.Upon installation or updating the app, users should notice rounded corners on their tabs rather than the trapezoids you’ll find on the tab bar today. The update also introduces a brighter color palette by shading the active tab and the window surrounding it white, instead of its current gray hue.The Material Design update …
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