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Cheap Galaxy S9 deals “ending this week” – get them while you still can


We knew they couldn’t last forever. We’ve been absolutely loving the cheap Samsung Galaxy S9 deals that have been around for the last six weeks or so and have been shouting about them from the rooftop. But they’re finally coming to an end.At least that’s what we’ve been told by a phone retail insider: “The bargain Galaxy S9 deals are ending this week…expect them to be priced up by around £100,” they said.Although it’s not clear exactly when the Samsung S9 tariff changes will come into effect, we’d advise against waiting too long before bagging your S9 contract.”We reckon it will be sometime on Wednesday afternoon that prices will fly up on the S9,” said the insider, “After that, the reasonable Samsung Galaxy S8 deals already out there will make it the best value Android smartphone on the market again.”
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