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Best note-taking apps for Android in 2018


Taking notes has helped humans remember and convey information and ideas for millennia. Naturally, the process of note-taking has evolved considerably since the first jottings, and it’s now firmly in the domain of the digital.Usually, when someone writes notes, they’re attempting to capture information for future use. For instance, if you’re in a meeting or seminar, it’s crucial to take down notes so you can remember important facts and data for later usage.Viewed by some as a form of self-discipline, taking notes has a variety of benefits. For instance, it can help you improve your attention span, retention, organizational skills and learning ability. But most importantly, note-taking indirectly helps to relieve stress. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a business meeting because you’re missing some crucial pieces of information.And in the business world, note-taking forms an important part of daily …
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