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Best antivirus software of 2018


The array of cyberthreats out there means keeping your PC protected is more important than it ever has been, but picking the best tools to keep you safe can be a minefield. So, we’ve created this handy list of the best antivirus software to help.Hackers are always coming up with new ways to gain access to your PC, whether it’s hijackers grabbing your search page, the latest ransomware encrypting all of your files or even hardware exploits, like Meltdown, Spectre and even AMD’s own hardware exploit, letting hackers control your machine – it’s incredibly important to have the best antivirus package for your PC or Mac.You want to make sure you get a complete suite of antivirus tools that the best paid antivirus software can provide. If you’re looking for all-round protection against the latest cyber threats, then investing in the best antivirus software is …
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