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by The Next Web 5 hours ago

Facebook just invented a new unit of time

In order to make it easier for film, VR and other visual content creators to work with individual frames on screen, Facebook has created a new unit with which to measure time, that divides more neatly than standard units like seconds. The...

by The Next Web 9 hours ago

Japan’s BitFlyer Bitcoin exchange lands in Europe

Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange BitFlyer has kicked off operations in Europe, after having secured the necessary Payment Institution license to run its service across the EU. The exchange launched in the US last November, and claims that more...

by The Next Web 17 hours ago

How I fight innovation block as I get older

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit it: it’s not easy getting older. Personally, there’s something inescapably frustrating about feeling myself slow down when I simply can’t afford to. But more than that, I’m irritated when I can...