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by The Next Web 6 hours ago

How to prepare for the cryptocurrency revolution

Blockchain is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated technologies of our time. Much like the early internet, experienced technologists foresee blockchain as a vehicle to drive society forward. Implementations of secure, decentralized...

by The Next Web 12 hours ago

Be smart — use big data for your small business

Large companies have already embraced the rise of data and analytics. An IDG study last year showed 78 percent of larger employers agree data collection and analysis have the potential to completely change the way they do business. But...

by The Next Web 1 day ago

How much autonomy is too much for AI?

AI has the power to make decisions on our behalf and the world is getting excited. But there’s always that nagging question: Who will be the servant and who will be the master? Should we approach AI from a completely different angle?...

by The Next Web 2 days ago

Facebook Watch is the ultimate test for social TV

The concept of ‘social TV’ first came to widespread prominence in 2010 as people embraced sharing their wild and wonderful opinions about TV experiences on social media. That same year, MIT Technology Review named the phenomenon in...

by The Next Web 2 days ago

Counterpoint: The case against an AI god

We’d previously written an opinion piece titled “The case for an artificially intelligent god.” This is our counterpoint to that. It’s a strange time to be a technology journalist. Somehow artificial intelligence has grown from...