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by helpnetsecurity 1 year ago

DDoS protection quiz-based training course

The DDoS Protection Bootcamp is the first online portal to provide in-depth technical training in the field of DDoS protection. This comprehensive quiz-based training course, available at both the Basic and Advanced levels, is comprised...

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Oracle buys Dyn

Oracle today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance and DNS provider that monitors, controls, and optimizes Internet applications and cloud services. Dyn’s solution is powered...

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Research: 2016 Netwrix Cloud Security Report

Security and privacy of data and systems in the cloud remains a top worry for 70% of IT professionals worldwide, up from 63% in 2015, according to a new Cloud Security Survey by Netwrix. Even though cloud service providers make security...

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The transformative impact of cloud adoption

Despite the average company using 1,427 cloud services to upload an average of 18.5 TB of data to cloud applications each month, less than 9 percent of cloud providers are taking the strict data security and privacy steps recommended for...